When I was a kid I played with Hotwheels and Matchbox cars just like every other kid. I wish I still had some of the cars I had then, but I had a love affair with garage sales and I would put a price tag on anything if it meant I might get some spending money in return.

ML and I were talking about the toys we had when we were kids one night while we were picking Desmond's cars up from the floor. I checked out eBay, just for the hell of it and found some Hotwheels cars circa my childhood listed on there for three hundred bucks. ML had a great idea. Every time we get Desmond a new Hotwheels car, we should get another one and leave it in the package and put it away for later on. So the thinking is that perhaps by the time Des is ready for college, these cars might be worth something. And you know, if not, his kids will have a collection of cars to play with.

Hey, no sillier than stocks.
2015 (22)
011'10 Ford Shelby GT500
0151971 Buick Riviera
019'69 Dodge Charger 500
019'69 Dodge Charger 500
021Mazda RX-7
0424Ward Speed
124Volkswagen Caddy
125Datsun 620
125Datsun 620
144Scion xB
152Fig Rig
189Lamborghini Veneno
194'70 Chevy Chevelle
195'69 Ford Mustang Boss 302
206'71 Datsun Bluebird 510 Wagon
206'74 Brazilian Dodge Charger
220Porsche 934 Turbo RSR
232'67 Chevelle SS 396
243Datsun 240Z
245Aston Martin 1963 DB5
249Nissan 370Z
2014 (30)
021Mazda RX-7
028Mad Manga
033Triumph TR6
033'81 Delorean DMC-12
035Ferrari 458 Italia
035Ferrari 458 Italia
199Scion FR-S
199Scion FR-S
199Scion FR-S
199Scion FR-S
199Scion FR-S
199Scion FR-S
199Scion FR-S
199Scion FR-S
206'71 Datsu
220Custom V-8 Vega
225Nissan Skyline H/T 2000GT-X
227Scion FR-S
227Scion FR-S
227Scion FR-S
227Scion FR-S
227Scion FR-S
227Scion FR-S
227Scion FR-S
227Scion FR-S
227Scion FR-S
227Scion FR-S
227Scion FR-S
227Scion FR-S
249Nissan 370Z
2012 (1)
168'69 Mercury Cougar Eliminator
2011 (3)
067Tesla Roadster
118Lamborghini Renton
141'81 Delorean DMC-12
2009 (5)
017Volkswagen Type 181
017Volkswagen Type 181
023Custom V-8 Vega
094Urban Agent
153Ferrari F430 Spider
2008 (2)
008'69 Mercury Cougar Eliminator
053Screamin' Hauler
2005 (1)
023Curb Side
2004 (47)
002Dodge Charger 1969
003Swoopy Do
004Chevy Impala 1964
005Nova 1968
006'Tooned Two 2 Go
007'Tooned 360 Modena
008'Tooned Toyota Supra
009'Tooned Enzo Ferrari
010'Tooned Shift Kicker
011Blings Lotus Esprit
012Blings Dairy Delivery
013Blings Hyperliner
014Blings Cadillac Escalade
015Blings Dodge Ram Pickup
016Hardnoze 2 Cool
017Hardnoze Grandy Lusion
018Hardnoze Dodge Neon
019Hardnoze Merc 1949
020Hardnoze Twin Mill
021The Gov'ner
022Mustang Funny Car
024Hardnoze Chevy 1959
025'Tooned Deora
026Blings Chevy Avalanche
028Chevy Fleetline 1947
030F-Racer (2)
032Hi I.Q.
033'Tooned Chevy Impala
03516 Angels
036Lotus Sport Elise
037Rapid Transit (2)
038'Tooned Toyota MR2
039Hardnoze Chevy Monte Carlo 1974
040Blings Out-A-Line
050Crooze Slikt Back
056Hardnoze Toyota Celica
069Crooze Batmobile
075Crooze Ozznberg
088Super Gnat
092Fatbax Jacknabbit Special
094Phantom Racer
095Fatbax 2005 Corvette
097Fatbax B-Machine
2003 (151)
013Pontiac Bonneville 1965
014Steel Flame
015Corvette Stingray (2)
016Fish'd & Chip'd
018Wild Thing
0191/4 Mile Coupe
021Chaparral 2D
0228 Crate
023Vairy 8
025Swoop Coupe
026Whip Creamer II
027Cadillac Cien
029Golden Arrow
030Bugatti Veyron
031Flight '03
032Hyundai Tiburon
034Tire Fryer
035Boom Box (2)
036Enzo Ferrari
037Dodge M80
039Honda Civic
040HKS Altezza
041Power Panel
0421970 Dodge Charger
043Lamborghini Murcielago
0451969 Pontiac GTO Judge
0461968 Mustang
0472002 Autonomy Concept
048Da' Kar
049Ground FX
051Meyers Manx
052Cadillac Escalade
0531941 Ford Pickup
054Mitsubishi Eclipse
055'69 El Camino
056Surf Crate
057'40 Woody
058Deora II
060Ford Thunderbolt
061Callaway C7
063'95 Camaro
064Ford Escort
066'67 Pontiac GTO
067'64 Lincoln Continental
068Toyota Celica
069Lexus SC400
070Seared Tuner
072'68 Cougar
073Olds Aurora GTS-1
074Olds 442
075'32 Ford
079Midnight Otto
080Shoe Box
082Phantom Corsair
084Super Smooth
086MX48 Turbo
087SS Commodore (VT)
089Combat Ambulance
090'56 Flashsider
091Chevy 1969
092Cadillac 1959
093Ford 1934
094Mazda MX-5 Miata
095Steel Passion
096Morris Mini
097Nash Metropolitan
100Super Tsunami
101MS-T Suzuka
102Super Tuned (2)
102Super Tuned
104Ford Focus
106Double Vision
108Side Draft
109Silhouette II (2)
112Lotus Esprit
113GT Racer
114Custom Cougar
116Open Road-ster
118Hot Seat
119'63 Thunderbird
121Rail Rodder
1221935 Cadillac
123Mercedes 500SL
124Custom '69 Chevy
125Turbo Flame
126Cadillac LMP
127Isuzu Vehicross
128Porsche 911 GT3 Cup
129Mercedes C-Class
132Zender Fact 4
1331964 Buick Riviera
134Lancia Stratos
135Panoz LMP-1 Roadster S
137Flat Racer
139Panoz GTR-1
143HW Prototype 12
146I Candy
157Saleen S7
164Dodge Concept
168Camaro 1967
169Dodge Caravan
17240 Somethin'
174Chevy 1957
176Ford GT-40 (2)
180Chevy Impala
182Custom Chevrolet C3500
184Honda Civic
186Cabbin' Fever
188Evil Twin
189Fore Wheeler
191Roll Cage
192Speed Blaster
203Lamborghini Diablo
204Porsche 911 Carrera (2)
205Auburn 852
206GM Lean Machine
207Sonic Special
212Surf Patrol
2131/4 Mile Coupe
214Vairy 8
215Bonneville 1965 (2)
216Chevy 1500 1996
217Ford F150 1979
218Dodge Power Wagon
220Nissan Z
2002 (73)
029'68 Cougar
031Custom '69 Chevy
032Custom '59 Cadillac
037Lancia Stratos
038Nissan Z
039Toyota RSC
0402001 Mini Cooper
041Super Tsunami
044Lotus Espirit
045Volkswagen New Beetle Cup
047I Candy
049Hyundai Spyder Concept
05140 Somethin' (2)
052Side Draft
054Syd Mead's Sentinel 400 Limo
086Super Tuned
090Screamin' Hauler
095Chevy Pro Stock Truck
096Pro Stock Firebird
097Mustang Cobra
098'70 Chevelle SS
099Evil Twin
100Krazy 8s
101Rigor Motor
102Grave Rave Wagon
104'32 Ford Vicky
105Side Kick
106Chevy Nomad
107Purple Passion
109Deuce Roadster
110'70 Plymouth Roadrunner
111Propper Chopper
112Armored Truck
114Dodge Power Wagon
127Fore Wheeler
145Whatta Drag
148Porsche 959
156Cunningham C4R
162Ferrari F512M
174Dodge Viper GTS-R
182Morris Wagon
186Wheel Loader
187Corvette Stingray III
189Express Lane
193Cabbin' Fever
194Altered State
196Lamborghini Countach
200Mini Cooper
201Lotus Elise 340R
202Midnight Otto
2051932 Bugatti Type 50
206Metrorail Nash Metropolitan
207Baja Bug
208'59 Cadillac
209Jaguar D-Type
210Dodge Sidewinder
211Super Modified
212Sweet 16 II
213Ferrari 456M (2)
215'68 Cougar
216Corvette SR-2
232Jeep Jeepster
2001 (1)
221Riley & Scott MK III
2000 (1)
100BMW M Roadster
1999 (1)
683Tee'd Off