Motorcycle for Sale to Someone with Time to Ride

For sale is this 1987 Honda Shadow VT1100. As you can see from the pictures, it is in great shape. Original paint and chrome sparkle brilliantly in the sun. Pipes have a great, low sound – but not loud enough to make you persona non grata in the neighborhood.

Over the last twenty years, and 70k miles, three owners have kept this bike meticulously maintained, tuned and garaged. Since I've owned it, all work done has been expertly performed by Tim Wolfe of MotorCare in Lawrence. When I bought it more than three years ago, Tim gave it a good going-over. It's had new bearings put in the front wheel, new tires (aggressive Avon Venom on the back!), new fork seals, and a new stator. It has a pretty new Memphis Shades windshield, and it's been wired for DC output (cigarette lighter socket for powering a cell-phone, iPod, GPS unit, etc.). There are custom grips and a throttle lock to add some comfort for the longer treks.

This motorcycle has carried me on trips as far as Georgia and Michigan without stuttering.

One more thing... this motorcycle was Made in USA (Ohio). Don't let those Hardly riders give you any guff (they're probably dentists riding on the weekends, anyway!).

I'm asking $2400. Full asking price will include a shop manual, the GPS unit (and mount), and the nylon bags I've used for commuting and travelling.

Contact me (Andy) at Or call and leave a message and number at 785 979 1145.

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